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Starting on a Friday at 8:00 PM EST, The Four Kings will be hosts a Slot Tournament. Here is what you need to know about how the event is structured.

Premise: Try and get the highest score with a fixed number of chips in Slots.
Location: Lobby
Duration: 3 Days
Entry Fee: 1000 Chips

To enter the tournament, go to the roped off section in of 888 Slot Machines located in the Lobby. Here you'll be asked to pay the Entry Fee. This will open the roped off section for you and you will then get to play these slot machines with a fixed number of spins.

All winnings from these slots will contribute to your “Score” but you will not reward chips. Your goal is to get the highest score possible with amount of spins that are given to you. Throughout the day there will be 60 minute “lightning rounds.” At the end of these lightning rounds, players are ranked based on their Score, and prizes are awarded.

While these lightning rounds are going on, you will also be competing in the overall weekend tournament. Your highest score of the weekend will be ranked on this leaderboard and prizes will be reward at the end of the tournament.

There is no limit to how often you are allowed to buy into the Slot tournament. As long as you have chips you can keep entering.

Quick Details

  • Each entry gives players 20 spins
  • All machines are set to 88 lines x 3 chips per line
  • Players will be able to buy-in multiple times, but only their highest scoring run will count.
  • Players may stand up in the middle of a game, when they return they will have the same number of spins as when they left.
  • Players may not leave the tournament area while they still have spins.
  • If players leave, they forfeit their remaining spins. Their score up to that point will be recorded.
  • If a lightning round ends and they have not finished their chips yet, their score up to that point will be recorded, and any remaining spins will be forfeit.
  • Players may not join in the last 10 minutes of a lightning round.
  • If a player qualifies for bonus spins during the tournament they will be added to their tournament spins.



So I participated this weekend in the slots tournament and I notice that at the start of a new round, there are already tons of users with slot scores in the mid 100,000's... how is this possible when there aren't even that many playing slots at the time?  Are the majority of these players fakes?  And the scores are ridiculously high... after playing quite a few times, the best i got was 112,000 and that didn't get me anywhere near top ten even in my hour round.

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There are several different servers, not just the one you're playing in. There are probably a lot of people playing in different Lobby servers.



no the people are not fake i know the person who won


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What are the rewards for finishing int he top 10 in the hourly round?

Also, the rewards for overall winner, I assume are based on all scores from all lightning rounds.

What kind of score do you need to finish top 10 in either the lightning round or overall?  The most I've ever gotten in one spin is 360K.


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Like it



There's been a lot of people standing up, and then sitting back down. They seem to think it's an exploit, although i don't see how it's possible. Has this already been discussed?
And it seems to be a cause of game freezing, people standing behind waiting for a seat, someone stands up, goes to sit back the person waiting also tries to sit, and then that machine is frozen for everyone for a while, or you crash in-game and can't leave the machine.
And then they get angry with people, how dare people interrupt their attempt to exploit lol.

It does seem odd though, i used to do ok with the old slot tourney, and since it has changed i haven't received 1 chip from it. Could just be bad luck of course, but i'm not going to keep trying much longer.

imo someone who is attempting to glitch / exploit is just as guilty as those who actually do.
I'm curious if those who win are those who keep standing up.

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I've honestly never understood why you have the option to stand up anyway. 20 spins is not that long.

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How much do you win??


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Hcf66 wrote

How much do you win??

The amount won is a percentage of the total pot derived from buy-ins, so it depends on the participation rate for the tournament(s). You can find the exact split by placement and hourly/overall tournament on the information signs located near the Event Room starting the day before the event.