Bring back VIP level bonus for Monthly Tasks!


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Do it!  Bring back the VIP level bonus chip multiplier applied to Monthly Bonus Tasks!  It would make your wish for us, "good luck, and have fun!" so much more satisfying to the gamers who play and try to grind so hard on expensively valued chips.  When we buy the chips in support of your game, we do so on a basis that we believe in their worth.  Rewarded to VIP levels for all tasks is why I push for VIP 3.  If this is becoming less valuable to the gamers, they will not have any respect at valuing your microtransacted chips.

Just because we can hemorrhage chips by trying to push for tasks, tiers, leaderboard goals, rewards and trophies, I believe it's unfair to restrict the VIP bonus reward chips off of the monthlies.

  I have been playing for years and after the last week of strange update behavior which introduced chip count bugs between client and server performance, the quick renegging of VIP level bonus chips applied to Monthly task rewards, and persistent imbalances in simulated odds, I'm being pushed more toward finding a new game to replace my time spent on Four Kings.  I feel the money I've spent on your microtransaction chips this year alone should have paid for multiple years worth of video game fun. And since there is no pay out, nor any reason to buy your game anymore than I have already, this is my last season unless there are major reworks on your treatment in-game to the game players.  We understand the odds and we understand that this is our cognizant duty to try to reserve our chip count for future play in four kings, but when we feel robbed off the cool things that should, could, or would be there in a game like this to help encourage keeping a chipstack from falling so quickly, it's becoming clearer to me all of the time that I'm losing the attraction to playing which I once felt strongly. 

I hope that my intention of being heard and taken seriously on this matter can be met.  If you read my first post on here from a week ago, I go into greater detail on my love of this game and what motivates me to stick with it.  That motivation is what I feel draining from me as I watch this casino stack heavier losses than I can handle while pushing for tiers, and diminish new rewards for those of us who were maintaining VIP levels.

As always, thanks for your attention.

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I agree completely! The hours spent trying to complete the monthlys , no longer worth it. I work for my VIP status every month, to get the awards that come with it. Why would you not want to award your players for achieving the best.
Please consider bringing back the additional coins on the monthly for those whom work hard for their VIP ranks.
Thank you, from a very dedicated player



We do have some upcoming changes to monthly tasks which will come with the next update. They're still a new feature so we've had to adjust based on feedback.