Spinning Cogs 3rd round invasion bug




Ok so a few of my friends have mentioned to me that they we're unable to beat the invasion on the 3rd round due to only 2 targets being selectable WITHOUT a 3rd target ever coming up therefore making it impossible to beat and being forced to exit the slot machine.

Well today I experienced this bug for myself and as I stated above, once I got to the 3rd round of the invasion I was only able to select 2 out of 3 targets with the 3rd one being unable to be chosen.

Please please look into this as I could have potentialy beat it in the slots tournament but was unable to proceed as it should. Thanks!

Charlie Mac


Thats been an issue from day 1.

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This just happened to me except it froze after I made my third round selections and I never got my payout. Had to quit machine and no one gave me my chips either.

neil lynch


it was suppose to have been fixed in latest update but it hasn't, i've lost so much chips to this i don't even bug report or play cogs anymore  6x 700-900k sad

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Still not fixed.  Happened to me twice this week.  Bug reported.



A recent update did address this bug which hopefully reduced the chances of problems occurring with the bonus round, but we didn't quite eliminate it entirely. It is something we're focusing on nailing down a fix for!