Had fun in Poker with an over aggressive player....



Lately it seems there are many overly aggressive players. I'm talking raising $10k before the flop or raising $8k on the very first hand. To me it shows a player who doesn't really understand how to play the game. Antes are designed to be used for later stages in tournament games, not from the get-go. They think it's only a game about bluffing and no skill.

Last night I played two separate poker games, one tournament, and one free, both with a full 6 players.

Tournament game: I'll call him player six- he starts out winning mostly because others are folding so he gets the chips. No skill involved and not actually playing the cards. Eventually he does get some good hands and wins more chips. He gets up to over $130k in chips. Then I get dealt 6 and 2 and he raises $5k before the flop. I'm trying for a straight so I call it. Flop reveals 6 and two Q's. I played it like this. Player six was before me and as I expected he raises another $16k. I purposely hesitate, allowing the timer to almost run out. Making him think I don't have a strong hand. I call at the last moment. Next card is another 6- so I now have a full house. Player six raises another $16k. I play it the same, calling at the last moment. Final card shows and I can see there is no way for him to have anything stronger so the best he do is use the two pairs showing. He raises a fourth time with another $16k, so he has now raised a total of $53k and the pot is at $164k. I call and the reveal shows he was relying on the two pairs showing. I was just wishing I could see his face when he saw my full house. The other woman playing started typing LOL and congratulating me on playing it so well. He went all in on the next hand and lost, I made it to fifth place. I later found him and checked, he's only been playing this game for a few months. 

Free Game- A different player so I'll call him player five. Player five starts out raising very aggressively from the start. Same scenario, wins only by others folding and getting the pot. Eventually grows his chips to $158k. I am dealt two K's. The flop shows two J's. Player five starts raising and raising every hand and I keep calling but I hesitate slightly, enough to make him think I don't have a strong hand. Eventually I win with my two K's and take $130k of his chips. Next hand he goes all in but it's only $28k so I call it. Cards reveal he has A and 10 to my 2 and 4. Flop reveals another 10. He must be very excited at this point. Turn reveals another 4. River reveals a third 4 so I win with three of a kind. He runs off before the pot even goes to me. I check him later and again he has only been playing for a few months. I ended up winning this game.


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People play like that because it's only 5k to enter (I assume you were playing a 5k game) and you can control the table from the start, other people will be more aggressive if you folded which can lead to a quicker game.
And, I actually hate it when people actually play poker in the free daily game. I just go all in and if nobody calls I just leave since Im only there for the daily task.

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Everyone is entitled to play however they want to, I get that. It's just that I play poker every single night and I never see these over aggressive players ever win. Seriously, I'm sure statistically they must but I'm saying in the games I play they never win.

Yes I was playing a $5K game in the above scenario but I've played the $25K games enough to see those players are more interested in actually playing the game, but sometimes one of these over aggressive players will come on and usually is the first to leave the table. I just don't see them winning so don't get why they don't change their strategy a little.

Daily Poker- I only play when it is a task as well but yes I always actually play the game to win. I find I either win or I make it to fifth place every other game. I don't mind losing a game, $5K or free, but I hate losing after only playing a few hands or being the first two to leave the table....