Poker Tournament charging $5K when should be free....



This is a great game which I enjoy playing every day. There are two glitches I need to report tonight.

First issue: I played two (2) poker tournament games, which aren't supposed to be charged. It says in the rules that there is no charge as long as the table has six players during the tournament. Both games I played were a full table of six yet both times I was deducted $5K in chips. So I'm out $10K total in chips.

Second issue: I won the second poker game I played. I was 3/4 through level 25 when I started and by winning I moved onto level 26. You know the chips total is $17K and RP is some 2K. Because my chips keep disappearing, which you've acknowledged is a known bug that will be fixed in the next update, I took a screen shot. It shows I was now level 26 in poker and my current RP level. After a while I was disconnected from the game. I immediately logged back in and sure enough I was back at level 25, lost my RP and my chips. I took another screen shot which shows all this. So now I'm down even more than I was after the first issue.

I know you can access my account to verify all this I've posted. If you could please restore all of my chips and RP it would be very appreciated. This is an awesome game but it's frustrating to be playing and then lose everything you've just won. I'm really looking forward to your next update which will hopefully fix all of these glitches. In the meantime, keep up the great work. Thank you....



The Survivor Poker tournament does not have an additional tournament fee, but all Poker games retain their standard buy-in as usual.

As for the second issue we've reviewed your account and credited the missing rewards for the Poker game.