Error CE-34878-0



Hello, unfortunately the game is totally broken; The mistakes continue.

Error: 1004; You cannot enter the game after several attempts. You have to wait for the menu of tasks you are facing but with the login page frozen, you must exit and try again to enter successfully.

Error CE-34878-0; every time you try to move from one room to another, the error is constantly presented.

The menus freeze, is another error that arises



Hi, it turns out that the error [CE-34878-0] persists every day every few minutes when you travel through different rooms.

I have updated the PS system and the game, restored PS licenses, restart modem and PS, change language, delete data saved in settings and uninstall and the game. And nothing worked for me.

Unfortunately it is one of the few games that happens and very often.



We will have an update in early January that will solve the problem.



The lobby is the worst for errors. Just walking around gives me one. I don't even have to map transfer for it to happen.