Can't connect to game. Avatar issue possibly.



"Hello *****, I have reset your wardrobe and gender. Its possible something didn't save properly." - DL_Miguel

I seen this above past reply on the forum.

I can't access my account for the last 2 days, I think it's same issue. No other options with other games and router, I was changing outfit for Valentine's Day, there was issues trying to save an item on my avatar, I haven't been able to connect as I was stuck on the loading screen with the chip icon getting to about 40% then stuck.

I leave the chip loading screen long enough, to reveal a 1012 error saying that I have been logged out due to inactivity, even though I haven't even logged in lol...

Please fix this issue.

I have done these steps-
Reset router, rebuilt PS4 database, tried different router, tried using mobile WiFi, removed saved data from local and online storage, removed and reinstalled game.
Put PS4 into safe mode, tried allowing router to allow PS4 unrestricted mode, turned off all firewalls.

No change. I then seen that it may be a issue with saved avatar items.

I have been trying to play but lost or on these chips also. Can I please be reconnected and recieved my lost chips and awards from this last day as I have effectively lost or on chips and consecutive logins bonuses.

My login is


Kind regards.



I have reset your wardrobe and gender.  Please let us know if it helps.



Yes. I'm now logged back in thanks, had to change my avatar back, luckily I had a saved outfit.

My chips had reset to zero though. Only 1000 log in. I thought I had a lot more than that, not more than 20k though.

I'll hopefully not have any issues again.



Hello, I also have the same problem for more than a year and done everything the same as you.
Restart modem, uninstall and install the game, delete game data And sent the news to digitalleisure support and what they do is restore my avatar. I can arrive for 10 and 20 minutes trying to enter the game. My mistake is 1004. It is not a problem of my play or my internet since I can play and do everything online normally, the problem only comes with 4 kings



Are you still having a problem?

Mine is usually fine except that glitch a few days ago, other than that I have no issues with connecting. I don't know what the 1004 is in afraid. Hopefully they will try and fix or at least advise what the issue is.