2017 Jackpot Rewards - Two Weeks Left!




Two weeks left to grab them!

There are two weeks left to grab the 2017 Jackpot Reward items before they are removed from the Royal Reserve store! If you've had your eye on one of these returning Jackpot items, now's the time to grab them before they're gone again!

The Royal Reserve can be found in the VIP Room. Don't have VIP Access? Ask a friend for a 24 Hour VIP Guest Pass or achieve VIP Level 1 and get access for the whole month. You can view your VIP status from the main menu by selecting Options.

The following 2017 Jackpot Items will be removed from The Royal Reserve store on Friday, March 20th:

  • Knight Armor
  • Beam Up Exit Effect
  • Lucky Items Collection
  • Frozen Exit Effect
  • Lucky Items Collection 2
  • Emoji Accessories Pack
  • Tornado Exit Effect
  • Spandex Full Body Suit
  • Rattlesnake Companion
  • Heaven and Hell Pack
  • Dragon Companion
  • Gingerbread Man Outfit
  • Magic Exit Effect