game is rigged?


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so after some good citizen gifted me 2 millon chips i decided to gambling i played craps for 40k betting on 2 4 9 10 11 space and win 50% of the time, according to probabilitty a 7 must come at least once after 11 throws you can check throwing the dices in real life, so after 7 hits to not hit a 7 decided to bet 50000 to any seven and guess what ITnever came!!!!! i decided to up to max bet 80 k for any seven after 10 hits only to hit on throw 15!!! i was short 700k and hit the seven it doesnt make any sense,.
Since im studying a bachelor related to stadistic i decided to  take samples on wheel of fortune that  game with 1 2 10 20 j s numbers i took a samples of betting 50 chips and realized that in deed 50% of the time it will hit 1. I sample 100 times on different 4 sessions. on the third session the 1 wasnt constant  so i decided to max bet on 1 at least it has to hit, but no . in the 3 sessions before that sample throw me a result that 2 will  came like 30% of the time. So when i raise to the 1 on max bet the 2 start to came more ofthen  making the sample to vary and this 2 came almost like 1, 45% it was incredible.

So the conclussion is like many of us realized, when you up your bet the variance change, but not in normal random condittions, instead the variance always favorize the casino.  i ve read a lot of threads here in the forum hearing developers  saying that is totally random ajavascript:void(0);nd that there is a minimal advantage for the casino, this isnt true, the casino takes a huge advantage when you start playing with stats. its programmed to vary in favor of them i cant define if its riigged like any other casino online or maybe on real life, but if it was really random it should play with the correcly odds that this is not the case here.

My only advice if you want to be constant to win RP its to bet  on 1 on wheel of fortune it is really constant that 1 willl hit 45% 50% 55% of the time, as you already noticed more likely to hit 45% you will looose money like 5 % but you can at least earn the RP points for your objectives.

This is not the first time i attempt to earn big chips, on ps4 i made 3 millon chips and decided to gamble on craps to 66 i lost 1.5 millons on maxing bet it felt strange now im talking from nintendo switch.



The game models as closely as possible the same odds you would find at any normal casino game. The average number of rolls before a seven-out is about 8.53, meaning it can definitely take longer to roll a seven - or less time. Despite that, remember that when you're rolling the dice for the 11th, 15th, 30th, etc. time without getting a seven, the odds of rolling a seven are still the same as they always are - 1/6.

If you'd like to read more about Craps odds or odds for other games, The Wizard of Odds is a great resource:


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Ty for recommending that site now I know that the odds on dropping a seven is 1/5 no 1/6 you may refer to the house edge that is the advantage of the casino in any game. So yeah maybe dropping a seven will take longer like 8 hits as you said but when I played on high rollers I wasn't getting a seven . I was on the 10 throws, by that range the probability of not getting a seven is very low  I was down 200k so max bet to 80k the seven must come according to any probability it didn't come until throw 15!! After 700k lost. Your game it's not based on fair statistics your game is programmed to have different odds as soon the bet is raised, Since is a game it should run at least more fair playing by the statistics, and not in the other way that favorites your casino making the house edge percentage more advantage for you than the player, I know you need to make a profit too, but come on! !! at least don't program your games based on the bet of the player I'm sure it is!!! and don't lie.
Bet amount is a dependent variable on the odds of your games and this shouldn't be a  variable.