terrible lag


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I appreciate what you do but....I am getting tired of the lag on slots and machine games. For example On Winds everytime I get Coins Lag Starts And It Stays For The Rest Of the Secion No Matter The Game.

I Have Taken The Following Steps

1 My Ping Ranges Between  125 To 150
2 Wifi Is Less Than 30 Days Old And Is Up To Date.
3 Have Plugged Directly To Cable On My Gaming I Ping Over Inexcess Of That  Yet The Same Is Occurs
4 Had Someone Come In To Check Drop Off Report There Is None
5 I Play More Intensive Games No Problems Whatsoever
6 Wifi Is In Approximate Close To My Ps4

The Issue Is On Your End Not Mine. Please Fix It Soon Or I Am Going To Something Else With No Lag.


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This game has some very serious problems. And they get worse by the minute.