Daily and weekly tasks not coming bug


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Hey guys,
Over the last 2 months i noticed that often the daily tasks wont come easy at all.
Yesterday for example while  i was trying to achieve the double down on 11 task on Black Jack, i had to play more than 100 hands until it came.
Also last month the "split aces" weekly task never came although i was trying it all week playing hundreds of hands.
Especially the last day of the weekly task i must have played more than 200 hands until i spend all my chips but still it never came.
I made a bug report but 4 Kings does not seem to care at all as usual..
Maybe Four Kings thinks we have plenty of time to spend on the game but not everyone can spend 2-3 hours just to achieve a daily task!
I also tried the get up and sit again that other players do but still nothing...
This game is getting worse and worse over time showing zero respect to people who support it.



Hello riosanity....
As what you're describing isn't a bug, it's not something that would be reviewed via the bug reporting tool. The Daily Tasks are designed to be achieved during normal play in the first couple hours of play or less. Naturally, there are some times where an outlier experience may occur. There still many ways to earn free chips beyond the tasks should they not 'hit' in the standard frequency.



Beginning with the blackjack event in July, the odds at the game changed radically. I did a test to confirm and of 100 hands, 75 went to the dealer and the majority of those were 20 or 21. I reported the problem and it does seem better. But i have the same issue with trying to meet the blackjack tasks because, though the odds are more normal, still skewed. Still, this is a great tool to prepare for Vegas tables.

I worked IT for years and in spite of the update issues, which are normal, the game is great and the support is awesome. Thanks for all your hard work.