Slot payouts since the update are an absolute joke



I dare someone from DL to come on here and tell me that the house "hold" wasn't significantly increased in the house's favor during this last "under the hood" update. I've seen bonus rounds frequently not payout enough even to cover the value of the original bet, which would be laughable in a real-life casino.

You all should have really learned from the old gambling axiom - "You can shear a sheep many times, but skin them only once!"



Well said. Holding out hope it can still be fixed, but its waning. Each time I sign on someone is complaining. Only been on since March, when announcements were made before shutting down the servers advising not to start games. That was kind. Now the game is making folks surly instead of being fun. Skinned, for sure.


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The Four kings Casino and Slots has really become more FRUSTRATING than it is FUN and ENJOYABLE.

Poker used to be my go to favorite and to chill out game, now it’s a no no for me. Best hand before the river rarely wins, dealing system is incredibly predictable, “potential out players” are constantly being revived. Since the huge update which was last year, These things has now became very common. Unrealistic in my opinion *shrugs*......DL please fix!!! Or unfix!!!