More Clothes




I'm liking that there are a few more clothing options in the full version compared to Beta smile It's nice to see more options. Now if I could only get enough RP for everything lol...

That said, I would like to see some more clothes. More specifically, more of the outfits that DL had to offer on Home. I know that the cowboy outfit and robot outfit is something that was ported over from Home. Something I really miss, though, is the Barmaid dress from the Western space. Is there any chance we'll see some of the other Home outfits like that here? It would be great to be able to wear them here too.



I would love to have more non-human type of costumes.  The robot is great and was one of my favorites from Home.  Similar type costumes would be great!



We love those outfits too, and are definitely hoping to bring back some favourite outfits from our Home collection! It'll be a while before we can get a collection of them ready for The Four Kings, but we were actually just talking about this yesterday. It's definitely on our radar.


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Please make them available for money purchase as well as with crowns.  Not all of us can live in the casino day and night to make enough crowns to purchase items that way only.



That's great to hear, Courtney! I'm glad that there are discussion of porting over some of the Home outfits. And I agree with Jam, it'd be good to have some of the returning items to be purchasable rather than earned with RP. Like the evening gowns you offered in your store, rather for reward. That would be good to purchase again smile



I would love a wolf costume.

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