Connection Issues


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I haven't been able to reliably connect to the game for a few weeks now. I get past the title screen and a loading screen comes up. The loading chip appears and then hangs at some random percentage, but always the same percentage on the same day. If I let the loading screen run too long, it gives me an "unable to connect to the server" error.

I've re-started my Switch, re-downloaded the game a few times, nothing seems to solve this problem. Re-installing lets me log in once or twice afterwards, but it takes hours and isn't guaranteed to work.

Update: I've continued the cycle of full delete/reinstall. That gives me ONE clean login per attempt, before it goes back to hanging again no matter how many times I try to log in.

I have placed my Switch into the router's DMZ for the time being, and that appears to resolve the issue. But I cannot stress enough how much I should NEVER EVER HAVE TO DO THIS. Where can I find further instructions on which ports to open, or how to properly set up forwarding so I can resolve this issue?

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