December 2020 Jackpot Reward - Polar Bear Companion




December's Jackpot Reward is here!

December has arrived, bringing the usual cold and snow, but it's also brought a brand new Jackpot Reward item! This December, purchase a Jackpot Chip Pack and in addition to 1,000,000 chips, you'll receive a cute Polar Bear cub companion as an additional bonus!

Available only during December 2020 as an exclusive bonus item with the purchase of the 1,000,000 chip Jackpot Pack. Check it out at the Chip Store!


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Hey Jared!

Just wanted to let the team know that I'm really enjoying the polar bear cub companion.  It's a lot larger than I anticipated!



Whoops. I thought it was for the 2.5 million one I just bought. Oh well.

Just to note: on the Xbox version, when viewing what's in the packages, it doesnt list the polar bear in the list of items you will receive. I'm new to this game, so didn't know about monthly 1 million packages that I now see here. I saw a bear and a large amount of chips in a splash or somewhere in the UI but the actual store made no mention which package contains it.

Edit: I should add I didn't buy the package for the bear. I wanted the chips. But I think the game could better express what is in the packages when there's a special offer for the xbox one in game store.

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Hey DL, how about including the polar bear in the $100 chip pack? Makes no sense to have the companion on the $50 chip pack, but not the $100.


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Funny little bear! I love it!