Omaha Poker / 5 Cards Draw Poker / Old Casino .


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Hello everyone.
It must be about 2 months since I started Four kings Casino.
This game has a huge potential, but there's no one who plays it and the comments of people on steam and others website like Facebook are really bad, and they are right.
most of the time saying that no one plays, the script dosen't look good and the developers are just there to take the money over and over again ....
Well for having playing often and have already spent more than 80 euro to play everything...only poker have a good script and interface.
The point very important in this game it's poker, social with everyone, and of course the gameplay, the ability to walk a little bit like in GTA, creates are own Avatar ETC is super well done.
                 The top of the top would be.

1 >  Get more money from the quest , or just get more money to poker table and everything.... even if we buy them ... if you want more ppl and good community just don't make so harder to get it...

2 > Create some Omaha Poker , and maybe 5 Cards draw but that too much asking smile just Omaha will be so good

3 > Try to make the Cross platform that will be much better to play with PS4 players , Because 15 peoples online per day ..... yeah whao

4 > Get Back to the Old Casino , or a new one why not , because the casino at the moment look just so bad....and that why peoples dosen't come anymore too....., i'm sorry but you did a really great job with the old one , why he look so bad this one...the big hall was great because we could see more people connected , try to do something like this for the new one if you gonna do it.

and 5 > New graphics smile thank-you lol ! go unreal engine no way just add Omaha Poker and a little bit more Chips from the quests , and new quests why not thank-you.

Yeah so , say it again , That game is awsome for Poker , the Interface look really good , feel like playing in real , with the avatar it's a great idea.

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Omaha would be great. My mom loves that game. Please include it.



I also suggested Three Card Poker, and using a progressive jackpot with it.


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I would like to see RP given for all players in poker instead of just the top three that it is currently. In many poker games it takes a little while for eliminations to begin. Many times you can invest a good amount of time to only leave empty handed cause you didn't place top three.

Bingo gives RP every game. I would like to see something similar. It doesn't have to be a ton, just enough to make it feel rewarding.