Avatar Facemask item add?



Can you add a facemask freebie for all players?
Surprised this hasnt already been added to the game yet.

Also, would be a nice touch to have some hand sanitiser stations on the walls, and social distancing arrows etc around the casino. Just to add a touch of realism what is happening just now in all indoor areas.



We think players would prefer to get away from the current realities when in Four Kings.



Can you please limit the enclosed areas to 6 people maximum? Also, I see a lot of non-disability animals running around. The stairs have no central railing and due to the width are a violation of building code. I've also yet to find a toilet away from the hotel room. Toilets must be provided in a licenced enclosed venue if serving drinks.

In all seriousness, though, face mask would be a nice addition.



Funny how their precious realism excuse goes out the window when it's not not an arbitrary chip sink.

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