Poker table reservations, or make the Wait button do something useful.



I'd like to see a reservations service added to poker tables. One where I could sign up for a tournament-style game at my chosen buy-in, be allowed to roam the casino freely while I wait, and be notified when there are enough players on the waiting list to fill a table.

Alternatively, I'd like to see the "wait" option used as a vote to stop the pre-game clock.

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That's a good idea. It'd also be nice to have a sign either above the tables or at the fountain in the poker room showing what tables have games going and which ones are waiting for players. It can be annoying being on a table hidden by a wall waiting for a couple of players having to spam the Looking For X Players chat shortcut.


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I'm also terribly sick of the "majority rule" for Ready Check during Tournament Poker games. It just means I suddenly get stuck in horrible 3-player games because it doesn't give me the option to leave if the other players want to play RIGHT NOW OR ELSE.  So I either have to manually quit the game and sacrifice my stake, or I have to wait 15-30min in order to get into a real game.