I found a bug with shadows and lag in this slots and lobby



I have a bug found in the lobby and slots that's cause of the lag im try get on + button on my pro controller and then im going to settings and im try shadows on and the sound on the lobby and slots are crackling  with shadows move and there is too a slots with line for win chips and that slots have a lag line with shadows on and if im going off shadows on settings and then in the lobby im try getting move with left and right screen there also a lag movement and with menu ui and too start the icon on menu switch then the digital try movement with lag issue and there stay all lag in this game and with particles on game settings graphics still with no beautiful with full HD on switch settings that im try on getting and starting the game and im push with icon A pro controller and the loading screen will try slow getting into game and pls fix with patch that im talking about in the January all you need this is fixing in patch with lag and shadows and sound on the lobby are crackling and the slots line for winning chips are still lag and too with beautiful graphics with full HD on switch and lag need fix you need all these fixing in the patch on January                              thx from lordofsidious nintendo switch and try talking on me @digitalleisure

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