Slot tournament 2021



It’s been awhile, but I came back to share some observations about the slot tournament.

Without naming names, I saw on Saturday a player who scored 1.5 million in the slot tournament.  Obviously that is insane.  Soon after, another player surpassed 1.5 million.  Then, the original player with a score of 1.5 million is now at almost 2 million.

How is that even possible?  I usually get 30 to 60 k in the slot tournament.  Getting over 1.5 mil twice seems unlikely.  Also, one of the players with 1.6 mil was first in the whole casino, which is also suspicious.

So my question is, which slot machine is generating 2 mil during the slot tournament?  The progressive machine isn’t even in the room, so it’s not that one.

If there are cheaters, it is very disheartening for other users.


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i too am frustrated by this , whats the point or even fun of playing if you dont even stand a fraction of a percentage to finish in top ten or even top 100    i just scored 93000 via Fish n Chips  which currently has me listed 25th tournament rank

each slot machine should have its own top 10 / top 100

i just checked event top 100 , a player needs a score over 208,920 to win



Can DL comment as to the integrity of the slot tournament?  It seems unlikely so many would score over 1.5 million, especially the same person multiple times.

Thank you.



It the past there have been exploits that some players have used to inflate their score.  We fixed those exploits.  Perhaps more exploits have bene found. If you find any suspects during the next slots tournament I would encourage you to forward their user names to and we can take a look.



People exploit bingo too but nothing has been done. It's been going on for years. People winning bingo over and over, winning several full cards a day, and are #1 month after month is not right.