Casino upgrade.


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I know this has been slightly covered but i wanted to start my own thread.

I believe a graphics upgrade and a new style casino would be great. I really really love the look of the old layout even though i didn't get to play it as i started late. Everything looked just so more crisp, better lighting and just everything looked better in general and gave me a real casino feel and it sucks i missed the opportunity to see myself.

It looks like a complete downgrade now and i have no reason why you guys did that. Ive been speaking to a lot of people who were near enough day 1 players who said they missed and preferred tho old style casino, which i originally thought was just for PC until i was told it was just the old layout.

Is there a reason why you guys changed it to what we have now?

Looking at the differences just blows my mind to why you guys downgraded a perfect looking casino game..