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Hi to all.
I'm looking for new games related to the gambling world. I usually play games on online casinos but the problem is that I need to learn lots of things to start winning or at least to stop losing money tongue
Doing some research, I found out that a list of the games in 22bet New Zealand with some reccommendations. You can visit the site by doing click here.

Here is a list of 7 gambling games for beginners where everyone can learn to play quickly. Some of these games can be learned in less than a minute, and even the more complicated games on this list can be learned in less than 15 minutes.

1 - Mini Baccarat is one of the best games for beginners
The reason why mini-baccarat is at the top of this page is that it is the best choice for first time players. Baccarat is easy to play and there are only three betting options. And you only have to use one of the betting options.

Baccarat is played the same everywhere, but you want to play on a mini baccarat table. This is a table the same size as a blackjack table. A regular baccarat table is much larger and the dealing process is a little different.

When you play mini baccarat, you only have to place one bet. The dealer handles all the business and decisions. You simply sit back and wait for the outcome.

Place a minimum table bet on the dealer's hand every time you play baccarat. You have a small house edge and don't have to worry about strategies or making decisions.

2 slot machines are also some of the easiest games for beginners.
Slot machines come in all sorts of variations, but basically they are all easy to play. You put some money in the machine, press a button that says spin or pull your arm over the side of the machine and wait for the reels to stop spinning to see if you win.

I recommend finding a slot machine that you can play for 25 cents so you don't spend too much money, but you can play any slot machine that catches your eye. Some machines claim to be penny or nickel machines, but you generally have to bet a lot more on these machines per round.

Slot machines have a much higher house edge than baccarat. You can also win a lot more if you are lucky enough to hit a jackpot.

3 - Bingo
Bingo is a popular game of chance that is easy to play. You buy a bingo card or a pack of bingo cards and then listen to the rules of the game. Each game has a set way to win. An X may have to be placed on the card for one game, each field on the card may be covered for another.

Bingo balls are drawn from a drum and the number is called. If the number is on your card, mark it or cover it with a chip. The first person to meet the game requirements calls out bingo and wins a prize.

4 - Roulette
Roulette looks complicated if you've never played, but it's a simple game. You bet on one or more of the fields on the table and then spin a ball on the wheel. If the ball lands on your bet, you win.

If this is your first time playing roulette, place one of the same money bets. These are reds, blacks, odd and evens. If you bet on the read and one of the red numbers comes up, you win the same amount you bet.

The only thing you need to know further is that you should look for roulette wheels that have a zero space but not double zero spaces. You have a better chance of winning on each spin if you play on a single zero roulette wheel.

5 - Craps
Craps is another casino game that seems complicated because of all the betting options. Getting started, however, is easy and takes longer than most other games. Place a bet on the pass line when you play. When you join the table, you tell the casino person in charge of the game when you can place a pass line bet.

Once you have placed a pass line bet, all you have to do is wait for the bet to complete. Sometimes it resolves in one role, but often it takes multiple roles. If you want to place a second bet, you can place an odds bet after the come-out roll. These are the only two bets you should make when playing craps.

6 - Lottery tickets
Buying a lottery ticket is one of the easiest ways to play. You can buy lottery tickets at most gas stations and convenience stores. You can buy scratch cards for as little as $1 or take a chance to win one of the big lotteries worth millions.

The odds of winning aren't very good if you play the lottery, but the tickets are cheap and you can win a big prize if you get lucky and beat the odds.

7 - Keno
Keno is a game that used to be offered in almost every casino, but it is not as popular as it used to be. When you play keno, you get a card, usually 80 numbers, and you pick some numbers. Then, the casino draws 20 numbers and if your numbers match, you win money.

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Any new game to practise? smile

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