Avatar Clothing, Animation and Accessory Suggestions



You could create a “Show Room”. There could be a different “Vegas show” every weekend (one night a week). Like acrobats, show girl performance, stand up comedy, magic trick show, etc...

There could be an option to sign up to perform for the show. There could be a contest/game & whoever wins, gets to perform. They win the spot.

You could design an animation that goes along with each event (like acrobat routine, show girl dance, magic tricks). & who ever wins, their avatar would be on stage doing the animation designed for the performance they won.

It ties in with the whole Vegas/casino night life thing. & would be a cool spot for everyone to hangout in & watch “performances”.

Plus it’s ALWAYS fun watching your personal avatar that you created do something unique like that. Haha like doing a new animation. So a lot of people would be motivated to play & win.

The act that your avatar wins to perform would be randomized from a pool of performance animations pre designed. There could be a list of 10 performances in all that you may get. In the rewards tab one of the goals could be to “perform all acts” for the Show Room. You would have to play so many times in order to actually get all 10. Since they’re randomized you would get several repeats before accomplishing all 10. So it would motivate lots of people to keep playing & there would be a goal to work towards. Plus you get a reward by watching your avatar perform each time you win. & all the others in there will see your avatar on stage performing so it’s kinda like you’re in the spot light & get all the attention for a second haha.

Idk it would be really fun!!! Just a really vague idea of something that could have a lot of potential to it!!!! smile

Ps: another idea is that not just ONE person wins, but a whole group of people could win at one time. & there could be some sort of group performance in sets of like 3-8 people. Whoever gets first place gets the main role.. etc ...I’m sure you get the picture haha again it would be fun to see avatars interacting with other avatars in such a new unique way. It would really enhance the gameplay experience & make it that much more personal & fun.. especially when you end up playing w/ the same people everyday & build a friendship with them through the game. It would be so fun!

Ps: #2 this could even just be in the events room lol

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Maybe add the “bend & snap” for an emote ..lol! That’s truly iconic!!!

https://www.google.com/search?q=bend+an … B6uI7wKjBM



“Mime” gestures would be great inspiration for new emotes since they vocalize so much with just an action & no words. Kinda like the “pulling a rope” one..


SPEAKING OF MIMES!! omg! That would be suuuuuchhh an amazing outfit to be able to wear! smile SO FUN!

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A ghost companion, “mini me” companion, “evil twin” companion...

All could reflect what your current avatar looks like but would be slightly different. The evil twin could have red eyes, creepy smirk, horns..

The “mini me” would just be a mini version of your avatar running around with you lol. (Like a comedically funny mini version of you-  not even life like. Think of the “Hunny we shrunk the kids movie”but bigger lol)

& the ghost one could either just be a normal plain old ghost. Or it could be a ghost version of your avatar constantly following you around. Like super faded & transparent looking.

You could also have an angel companion. Just a traditional beautiful majestic angel constantly there looking over you. You could even title it “guardian angel” smile

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“Creepy stalker” companion -someone with a creepy look on his face & huge eyes constantly following you around with a knife. (Possibility..?) lol idk. Maybe they even periodically disappear & reappear all of the sudden spuraticlly.. kinda fading in & out at times

“Number one fan” companion -someone constantly following you around jumping up & down, doing the “excited emote”, & major facial expressions of crying & just being over joyed.

Different color “Auras” as a companion of effect. All with different color options. Since different colored auras mean different things..

Link to the meanings of each color:
https://www.color-meanings.com/aura-col … ead-auras/

Fairy wands as an item to hold in your hand.

Make up items to hold in hand.. hair tools..

More hipster or baddie clothing

GIANT hair bows  (think mini mouse)

Nintendo Switch to hold in hand

Rubber bands around wrist as a clothing item
Accessory especially for men (ballinnn)

Wayyyy more hair styles to choose from!!!! Please!!!! Everyone is starting to look the same

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I think t-shirts with the decade you were born in would be cool.
Something like "Born In The 80's" written across the front.

Evil Wolf


Grey Wolf Head and Paws and wolf companion.

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Shiba Inu companion

Pomeranian companion

Chihuahua companion

Roller Skates

Skateboard hand accessory

Being able to layer finger nail polish with other handheld accessories on same hand

More long hairstyles to chose from

Ariana Grande pony tail hairstyle

Liberty spikes hair style

Once when you run out of winning things in the fountain— you should still be able to keep throwing coins in to win. But instead now you’re winning custom colors to all of the items you’ve  previously won in the fountain. Like cool new custom patterns to the all the clothing or certain effects to the items. It could show up when you go to edit your avatar under all the colors you can choose to custom each item. 

Pool game in the casino or bowling alley

Darts game in the casino or bowling alley

Beer pong or party games in hotel room

More quick chat options

Updated emotes or more options that come standard with game.

More “Age” customization on avatar to differentiate people more



Punk outfits

Skater outfits

Hipster outfits

Band T style shirts but w/ 4 Kings on it

In not trying to be bias here but the female’s have way more hairstyles than the male’s we need more hairstyles and Beards please give a new update

Shirtless tattoo’s for Males and shorts with tattoos on the legs

I think a tattoo clothing update would be nice addition a neck tattoo shirt, shorts with a tattoo and more shirts with tattoos and shirtless ones u could even give us a tattoo on the feet



Add fresh new emotes, actions and dances

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Multiple Championship Rings (2) on the same hands 4 total. I currently own 3 out of the 4 possible championship rings but I’m not allowed to show that I have won 3 out of the 4 rings at once can u please update the hands to allow us grinders who have won more than 2 rings to show them off. Keep 1 ring on the ring finger but add a second option for the point finger to be used for another championship ring.

Leopard Pants to go with the leopard jacket. Catchers Mask to go with the baseball uniform. Let us have the option to put 2 championship rings on the same hand. I currently own 3 rings but cannot showcase them all at the same time since there are 4 I think it would be cool to let us wear all 4 if possible.

Black Fedora Hat with a selection of colors on the stripe

Black fitness leggings for the Males. And more Sneakers. We need bright purple sneakers. More Glow style shoes and clothes. How about Glowing Gloves. Glowing Hat. Glowing Sports Shades. A Glow stick for the Hands. Candy Ankle Bracelet. Please add ankle bracelets in the game and painted toenails.

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Add a Hockey stick to go with the hockey mask.

Shorts with a leg tattoo.

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Shiny all black leather biker jacket and black shiny biker pants.

We need more floating objects turn them like the new badges a floating rocket, a floating bat, floating rainbow, floating rain cloud. Floating Diamond, Spade and Club.

A multi colored Glowing Star Face Paint

Please add more socks similar to those clover jackpot socks with a new designs and colors
Add shoes with socks combined
Add more bikinis
Add boxer shorts similar to the clover jackpot pack item (both genders)
Add necklaces for both genders
Add topless with necklaces for male
Add tattoos for both genders
Add topless with tattoos for male
Add more facial piercings including eyebrows (both genders)
Add more hairstyles for both genders
Add more face paints similar to those card suit paints in jackpot
Add long press on lavish nails painted and design options for female
Add new player emotes and trendy dances

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Bring back the floating Heart on Valentine’s Day this year please  smile

Add more different styles of Bingo Dabbers for $4.99. 1 is not enough. 3 different styles would be perfect. Or how about different colors like silver and purple

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