How to fix the teleporter glitch, idea



Hi. As you know there is a that teleporter glitch which allows people to get up on stuff they shouldn's, such as the bar a the club space, which is a very bad thing (*sarcasm lol).

Now here's an idea how you could patch this completely without changing any geometry or whatever for each single spot:

Simply change the system to how it was on PS Home:

1. Instead of allowing people to teleport straight next to their friend, add some spawn points in each space. So when teleporting to a friend the player would spawn at the spawn point which is nearest to their friend.

2. Make the friends name blinking when a user teleports to them. So they can recognize their friend quick. Once they reach their friend make the blinking stop.

3. Actually you could add a lot of spawn points, so the player would always spawn somewhere next to their friend without getting out of the map.

Now I'm not sure how complicated it is to add this to your game or if possible at all, but just an idea. tongue

Carla Birch


It's already been fixed in Steam build, with the latest patch that was last night and still teleports you direct to the friend you jumped to. Likely hit PS4 in it's next patch was planned for around the end of this month.



We like the ability to teleport directly to your friends. Its convenient and for the most part, it works. We've tweaked how it works in steam so it will more reliably place you on the floor rather than on furniture or other geometry.

Many Bothans died to bring us this information.