Monthly Jackpot Chip Packs



Please consider adding an option for us as “buyers” to be able to select which (Jackpot series pack) we would like to purchase. Thanks

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Agree 100%.  I buy 2  a month and some of the stuff is really crap. Lot of Money to spend on chips to support your freeloaders.


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This system is poorly designed. digital leisure, I see what you are doing here -_-
Digital leisure are aware that some of us are desperately looking to collect these old rewards and also some of us are stupid enough to buy into this lol. I agree with you we shouldn’t have to spend over 1,000 only to chase rewards that we are missing.

I have 0 interest in more than half of the jackpot series items and most of us are not or cannot invest such ridiculous large amounts of money just to chase these several year old items. Using this method would require the majority of us to purchase about 30 to 40 packs to get what we want. We really hope you come up with a better method for this, seriously, because this is ridiculous

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Good morning
I have a suggestion for digital leisure costume team.
Going forward could you please move away from adding event and holiday specific items to the jackpot chip packs?
These items are best to be added to one of the stores for RP purchases or Crown Jewels since they won’t be worn occasionally by most.
I would love to see something more, something more unique that could be shown off all year around.
Jackpot series 1 and 2 had the best items.
I like the diamond jewelry, rainbow effect, socks, and my personal favorite (which I don’t own) card suit face paintings.
It will be nice to see these sorts of items featured in the monthly series again.
More face paints, more cool effects radiating from the avatar  (like the rainbow), cute clothing items and outfits, socks (boxers, tank tops, panties), jewelry (eyebrow piercings, more nose piercings), tattoos, hair styles (beards and mustache for the fellas) cool eye effects like the greek god and millionaire ghost (all black would be cool.. a red set of eyes too) and more!
Thank you very much

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What is this pack and where do I get it??


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Hcf66 wrote

What is this pack and where do I get it??

The Jackpot Pack is the 1,000,000 chip pack, available from the Chip Store which you can access from the Store menu or the chip stations.



They used to put old jackpot items in the Royal Reserve and players bought them…I know because they told me & I bought a good bit of what was available myself. However, DL doesn’t see what their players want in regards to these old items as a priority for them to work on…even though it would turn a profit. This is what they so eloquently explained when I asked about the restock of the store in VIP. They’re perfectly happy with the few & far between able & willing to buy items they do not want to get to the one they do…possibly costing them 3k depending on how far back they have to go to get what they ACTUALLY want.

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