Four Kings Casino and Slots review.


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I've been playing every night since the end of August.
Game is real fun. Lots of cool games. My favorite games are the slot machine and VIP poker.
Game tutorial was decent and each game has a help button explaing how to play it.

There are lots of fun task to aim for from daily to weekly to harder monthly and also each game has things you can work towards getting rewards for accomplishing.
Having Bingo and even a Bowling Sim included is a nice feature. Bowling can be found via the map using the fast travel system or you can find it by going to the dance club.

Yes a Dance Club. Meet friends and interact with other players and hang out for fun! As with any online game there can be trolls but most of them I just laugh at and if anyone is just down right rude or offensive, there an option to block them. There is also a report player option you can use to report someone for using racist or homophobic chat or for other reasons you may feel a need for.

I would and do recommend this game if you like any type of casino game or are trying to unlock XBOX One achievements.
Overall I give the game a 9/10 rating. Good job keep it up and keep improving.

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