Update October 14th, 2021



Version Update

New Bingo Patterns

  • Over 20 new bingo patterns have been added to the mix!

New Easter Eggs Added

  • Try to unlock these fun new hidden rewards! Check the Global Rewards list for a hint.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issues when tasks are completed, but don't appear as finished
  • Fixed incorrect text on Super Slot help menu
  • Optimization improvements
  • Many minor bug fixes


New member

Really more bingo patterns. Listen to your players everyone is wanting new games not bingo patterns SMH I understand with all the html codes etc it could be difficult but a lot of players r wanting horse racing, billiards, arcade room, a leader board for bowling as thats the only game that doesn't have a leader board for some reason. Everyone is moaning about the new update already they don't want bingo patterns please listen to your players.



I would love to see darts and pool, but i don't think these are in casinos are they?



Are bowling alleys in casinos lol? Don't see why they couldn't remove some of the slot machines and replace with pool tables ? bowling alley should have all the other type of games non related to casino

Hillclimb Champion x 1

Evil Wolf


Pool and darts would be epic scrap the slot machines in the bowling alley tonnes of room to add them there. and for those who say there are no pool and darts in a casino we have a night club also so there. Even GTA V has horse racing.